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What NOT to do in an earthquake

Almost as important as knowing what to do in an earthquake, is knowing what not to do. In short: don’t run outside and don’t shelter in a doorway.
Even after an earthquake, staying inside is the safest step you can take. lf the building you are in is damaged and is unsafe, before going outside survey the area and the situation to make sure it’s safer outside.


Earthquake – What to do wherever you are

Sometimes you can’t get under a table or a desk, so the next best thing to do is “get down” (and I don’t mean dance).


Earthquakes – What to do if you are in bed.

Here’s what to do if you’re in bed when an earthquake hits.


Earthquakes: The Lowly Crowbar

In an earthquake, it’s not uncommon for a doorframe to get skewed, wedging the door in place. A crowbar is an inexpensive tool to keep in each bedroom to help you get out of (or into) a room.

Earthquakes: How to turn off your gas

Though you usually don’t have to turn off your gas, in case you need to, here’s how.