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With a background in screenwriting, marketing and advertising, I still need a creative outlet. I do my best to make my clients’ real estate experience the best it can be. This is just one of the ways I do that.



Here’s the other commercial I forgot to post last month. ¿Olé?


Lunch Making Tips

I shot this a few months ago and it looks like I never posted it.  Well, here it is.

“Fighting Crime”

Chad and I have our first commercial! In this installment Chad and I discuss our crime fighting techniques (while letting people know that we sell real estate). If you’d like more information about buying or selling a home (or fighting crime) visit our website:


Real Estate is a Martial Art

When hiring a real estate agent, make sure that you are getting a grand master (at least in something).


Notepad Guarantee

I don’t like buying inferior products, and I refuse to make them myself. That’s why each and everyone of my notepads come with a tech support guarantee.

Handcrafted Real Estate

How do I differ from other agents?  Here’s just one of the ways.


It’s Magic

If there are two things I like to do, they’re close-up magic and real estate. I went out with my video camera to show off one of my favorite card tricks.