The Mystery of the Vanishing (Good) Restaurants

38034776 - elegant restaurant interiorI’m not 100% behind the plastic bag ban (see why in this article), but I do have to admit not having to choose between “paper or plastic” has freed up enough brain cells so I can tackle the important question of “Where should I eat?”

This is a question (more of a conundrum) that I deal with a few times a week as I try to schedule meals with friends, clients and colleagues. On the days I work out of my Brentwood office, dinner I prefer to stay west of the 405 (this is a function of traffic and not an indictment of areas further east), but this has become a harder and harder task as many of my usual haunts have gone out of business.

Over drinks with a friend we theorized why so many of our favorite places have disappeared, and though positing hypotheses worthy of a Hardy Boys book (“The Mystery of the Closed Asian Fusion Bistro”), we found a more plausible explanation in an article on by Tiffany Tse.

Ms. Tse addresses the restaurant scene in Santa Monica with some of the best in depth analysis (and just plain good writing) I’ve seen in a while. I hope you enjoy the read (oh, and if you have any suggestions for restaurants anywhere, let me know).


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