Giant Developers Do Battle In Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

Coming to a Real Estate Deal Near You

There was a movie out a few years ago that had giant robots battling each other for… well, I have no idea because I didn’t see the movie. 

That said, the imagery of giant robots came to mind when I read this piece about one giant developer (Alegem) taking on an even “gianter” developer (Wanda Group) over the rights to build huge residential towers in Beverly Hills. Though no buildings have been knocked down in in this fierce struggle, millions of lobbying and political advertising dollars have been spent on the next battlefield — a ballot measure that can make or break either project, which will be voted on by the residents of Beverly Hills.

As I’m not a Beverly Hills resident, I’m a bit jealous that I’ll have to sit this one out and be satisfied doing battle with my “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots.” And whoever the winner is, I’d like to thank them in advance for the additional vehicular traffic they’ll be bringing to the already traffic challenged intersection of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards.

Read the Bloomberg Article  “It’s Millionaire Versus Billionaire in Beverly Hills Tower Spat” here 

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